@Going Concern “KPMG: That’s Just The Way We Roll”

My latest post is up @Going Concern. Sex.  Drugs.  They didn’t mention rock and roll but I’m sure those stories will come out too eventually.  Bernie and Elton John.  Bernie and Mick Jagger. Bernie and Pink.  Never mind.  Scratch Elton John.  If it weren’t bad enough to have so many subprime lawsuits hanging over their […]

@Going Concern “Can I Have Your Autograph?”

My new post is up @Going Concern. “The PCAOB approved Auditing Standard No. 7, Engagement Quality Review on July 28, 2009. They also issued a Concept Release on requiring the engagement partner to sign the audit report.  The comment period closed September 11th and boy oh boy were there a lot of comments. The firms […]

@Clusterstock Did KPMG Fudge Repurchase Risk Again?

I wrote a post today, joining the discussion over at Clusterstock.com regarding Wells Fargo and their apparent lack of disclosure for various risks. Did Wells Fargo’s Auditors Miss Repurchase Risk? “How does the New Century situation and KPMG’s role in it remind me of Wells Fargo now?  Well, in both cases, there’s no disclosure of the […]

@Going_Concern “Making Money The Old Fashioned Way: Exploiting IFRS Mandates”

My new post is up @Going_Concern   The largest audit firms are suffering, not only because of the “financial crisis,” but because the Sarbanes-Oxley gravy train slowed in early 2006, came to almost a complete stop when Auditing Standard 5 was passed in early 2007 and hit a full stop when the SEC started pushing AS5 via […]

@Technically Women: Stand Up. Be Counted. Be Heard. Be Paid.

My latest post at Technically Women addresses a recent controversy over Top Ten Speakers in the social media arena. I did a quick survey of representation of female speakers at the conferences I cover and participate in. In our world of accounting, audit, and compliance, I think the numbers are looking better every day.

McKenna in Accountancy Magazine

 I was asked by Accountancy Magazine in the UK to write a summary of the Compliance Week Annual Conference for their readers.  This article, entitled “Regulatory Reformation,” can be found here.  Please let me know what you think.

I’m Now A Part of Technically Women

I am part of a new blog launch,Technically Women. It’s an all-star, global lineup that I am thrilled to be a part of. We’ll be writing about technology, women, social media and software, women in technology and as many variations on those themes that a bunch of women who share at least biology can come […]

Arthur Levitt Should Just Shut Up About AIG

My new piece is up at The Huffington Post. It should be read alongside yesterday’s story on Lynn Turner. If these two start selling out the shareholder and the ideals of the accounting profession in all of the mess of the financial crisis, who’s left?

Experts in the Industry: Francine McKenna (50 of 45)

“One of the things I love about my friend, Francine McKenna, author of re: The Auditors, Using the Tools Instead of the Tools Using Me, is that she comes from “outside” the industry…Oh yeah, she also has a delicious sense of humor. Get ready to see it in action as she answers the five questions from the Experts […]

Reading – My Low Tech Hobby

I was invited to contribute to the “Technology and My Hobby” series on Vinnie Mirchandani’s New Florence blog. Besides the diversity of your hobbies and passions, the contributors represent so many corners of the world from Australia to Peru to Silicon Valley.