McKenna Featured In “Going Concern” Blog


I’ll be writing a weekly column for the new blog, Going Concern, a part of the Breaking Media empire that includes Above The Law, Fashionista and Dealbreaker. Founding editor and main writer Caleb Newquist is the author of 10 Key Tramp and a very sharp, funny guy.  We met to plot all kinds of future fun when he was in Chicago a few weeks ago for a bachelor’s party! 

Going Concern positions itself as a tabloid style blog, bringing “sexy back” to accounting.  Fortunately, at my age, I’m only expected to get sassy, sexy, and snarky once a week, on Wednesdays.  Look for my pieces, which hopefully will be something completely different and, yet, what you’ve come to expect from me, under the banner, “The Big 4: A Professional Racket.” 

My first post was today.

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