Embracing Change – Day by Day

I often think of my career as having had at least four parts, so far…

An Honest Services Crisis: Professional Poison and a Chicago Connection

The Big Four, off and on, have had some of the largest global consulting practices across most categories.The larger an organization gets, the more its staff takes on the average characteristics of individuals within the markets it serves. Mark O’Connor of Monadnock Research presents a guest post on the special risks posed by Big 4 audit firms who provide consulting services.

Update: Auditors and Consulting: Claims Of No Conflict Strain Credibility

Big 4 audit firms are focusing on growth in their global consulting businesses but the conflicts that drove three out of four of the firms in the US to sell them after Enron are a bigger problem than ever before.

Social Media Breakfast Chicago: How To Respond To Critical Bloggers

I’ve been asked me to lead a roundtable at the next Social Media Breakfast Chicago breakfast meeting, “How to engage with critical bloggers”. This event is sold out, but I promise to give you a report afterward.

Special For Forbes: A Business Travel Story About Mexico

Mexico is my great love. So I jumped at the chance to contribute to a Special Report at Forbes, On The Road: The Pleasures and Pain of Business Travel. My piece, Glimpses: Cuernavaca, Mexico, June 2005, is about attending the wedding of a client’s daughter.

Guest Post: Is Assurance Required For XBRL- Based Financial Reporting?

Another in a continuing series on XBRL, an open standard for exchanging business information between systems.

“Building a Social Media Risk Management Program” Lunch and Learn Panel

The Chicago ISACA Chapter sponsored a Lunch and Learn in conjunction with Crowe Horwath. I participated as a panelist. A presentation given by Crowe Horwath is included.

@Forbes: Did Deloitte Compromise Independence in the McClellan Insider Trading Scandal?

Didn’t want to make you wait until Friday for this one.
The world of private equity, mergers and acquisitions advisory, and transaction services is a small one. Mix in troubled company restructuring, the turbo-charged atmosphere of Silicon Valley, and high tech, and the stew is a spicy mix of people and deals.

@Forbes: Wikileaks and Banks, Federal GAAP – A Deloitte Tale

Which bank should feel threatened by Assange and Wikileaks? I’m betting on Citigroup. And…Did you know the Federal Reserve Bank makes up its own accounting principles? Call it “Government GAAP”, but don’t call it fair value.

How To Increase Visibility and Showcase Expertise: A ProfNet Connect Live-Chat

This Tuesday, November 30, 2010, from 8:30 to 10 pm EST find me on ProfNet Connect’s Connect Chat, a series of live chats to foster active and engaging conversation between communications professionals, experts and the media. The launch of ProfNet Connect gave rise to the idea of creating a real-time dialogue between site users and […]

Is A Big 4 Firm Buying BearingPoint?

Update: March 24, 2009
Looks like I was right. Twice. See new comments posted overnight for more details and a copy of the email that went out to PwC employees announcing the deal.
Today’s Washington Post:

Consulting firm BearingPointappears to be near its end.

The company, which filed for bankruptcy protection last month, said late last night that it had reached an agreement with several parties — including PricewaterhouseCoopers and Deloitte — to sell “substantially all of its businesses.”