Lost Your Job? No One Cares!

You may have been cut from one of the audit firms in the past several months. You may still be working but feeling a bit insecure. The cuts have been well documented here. Regardless of how much the firms and their cheerleaders try to diminish the significance of any individual action they’ve taken, they all add […]

I Pity The Fool: Partners Are Being Cut, Too

A reader asks: Why would anyone out there continue this rat race when the firms cut partners based upon politics and numbers that they manipulate? That’s a good question, grasshopper, but really the second question. First we should ask: “What is the value of a partner?” You might think the smarter you are, the better […]

Hey Big 4! If I Were You, Here’s What I’d Do (Instead…)

I asked myself, “fm, what would you do if one of them asked you to step up and offer solutions?” If anyone asked me to help find a way to get through this period,

-Without reductions in force,
-Without betraying the trust of otherwise very loyal employees,
-Without losing the confidence of key clients,
-Without endangering quality and integrity in the work they’ve been enfranchised to do under the exclusive licensing of various federal governments and public/private bodies such as exchanges,
-Without risking new lawsuits for negligence and complicity on fraud and malfeasance, and
-Without completely abdicating responsibility to their true client – the shareholders and investors in the public companies they audit,

I would start at the top.

The Big 4 And Pending Litigation – Can They Fight The Law And Win?

In preparation for something else, I attempted to do a quick summary of the pending litigation against the Big 4.

It’s not easy.

CFOs Message To Big 4 – "Gimme Service or Gimme Cash"

It’s that time of year when most people reflect, evaluate their performance and make plans for a better new year. When it comes to your relationship with your Big 4 auditors, this is a year when you should drive a hard bargain to either “Get services or get cash.”

Hope Springs Eternal

It’s snowing here in Chicago, but I’d like to think of Spring. I’d like to think of warmer, better times and I’d like to be hopeful for the future.

Running At You – The Much Feared “Shorts”

Interesting article today in a publication I receive on line called Hedgeworld (Registration required, with special benefits for membership). Short sellers are certainly on the mind of the business executive on the other side of their acumen. (My bias is showing, I know.) And the SEC has parachuted in to help their beloved business executives […]

re: The Auditors on The Corporate Counsel.Net

Broc Romanek over at The Corporate Counsel.Net has blogged  about re: The Auditors twice today. He links to a podcast he asked me to tape recently on the Ernst and Young restructuring outside of the US. For the original post that caught his attention, go here. He also liked my take on his poll about access, […]

Oh! How The Mighty Have Fallen – Update On Auditors And Their Banking Clients

Picture Source Back in November, I wrote about the imperial bankers and the impending doom and gloom that permeated the market. I warned that the CEOs and their Big 4 buddies should be nervous, too.   The Big 4 are now inextricably tied to their clients’ fortunes. Lawsuits are flying fast and furious as soon […]

Big 4 Salaries – Every Day A Surprise

As promised, I wanted to give you a flavor for some of the side emails and comments I have been getting in response to my post last week on Big 4 starting salaries. I am reprinting a few here, with minimal commentary and with the names and places changed to protect the weary, frustrated and […]

Big 4 Starting Salaries – The Facts

I have noticed quite a few searches for “starting salaries” leading to this blog. It’s the season when you’re getting offers and you want to know if they’re true and fair and competitive. You need to start planning how to pay off those loans. You want to gloat over your fellow students who studied liberal […]

The Reality Of Working For The Big 4

I came to PwC as a Director, with my primary client as PwC itself. I didn’t get an office or a permanent desk, even though my work was internal and I traveled only infrequently to other PwC offices in New York and Atlanta. Having to reserve a space and be told nothing was available was […]