My Big Fat Overrated CEO: McKenna On Dimon On The Keiser Report

I taped an episode of the Keiser Report last week while in New York. The focus was Jamie Dimon with a bit of MF Global thrown in for heat. Max Keiser, the host, asked me this question: Why does Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase still have a job?

MF Global Updates: Forbes, American Banker

Amazing but true, the MF Global story is still red hot, reason being $1.2 billion in customer funds is still missing. Here’s a recap of recent columns at Forbes and American Banker that have tracked new developments.

CNBC’s Cramer Spits Into Wind On Clawbacks Of Fraudulent Bonuses

CNBC’s JIm Cramer went off this week on the JP Morgan Securities settlement with the SEC. In his mind, someone, everyone got off too easy. It’s a familiar lament.

A Special Treat – Patrick Fitzgerald Tells Us What He Really Does For A Living

Patrick Fitzgerald, the no-nonsense U.S. attorney, will show off his rarely seen (or heard) lighter side when he appears this weekend on “Wait Wait . . . Don’t Tell Me,” the current events quiz show produced by Chicago Public Radio for NPR. Fitzgerald will try his hand at the “Not My Job” segment, in which […]