McKenna Quoted in ZDNet

“Long projects can indicate unclear goals, out-of-control requirements, and inconsistent government oversight. Without proper monitoring, external vendors can make a killing on extended projects. California must diligently manage these risks.” ZDNet IT Project Failures Column, Mike Krigsman, February 19, 2009 Link to this story on Duration reporting in California’s IT strategic plan More quotes in ZDNet […]

McKenna Quoted In BNA

…existing disclosures under FAS 5 ‘‘downright hide, obfuscate, and thumb their noses at the need for investors to know what’s going to happen to their investment.’’ BNA Accounting Policy and Practice Report, Vol. 4, No. 17, August 2008. Link to information about this BNA report. Link to my story and more on FAS 5 here and here.

McKenna Quoted in The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“…some firms have used their interpretation of the law as a club against their clients.…winning a significant portion of Boeing’s internal audit contract, worth millions, was a major triumph for PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2006.” Link to Seattle Post-Intelligencer story Link to my story re: Boeing, Sarbanes-Oxley

McKenna Quoted In The Financial Times

“Companies will need a lot of consulting help to implement XBRL and incorporate into the new Reg FD [fair disclosure rules] suggestions to do more with their websites and investor relations blogs.” Financial Times, August 19, 2008 in reference to SEC’s unveiling Interactive Data Electronic Applications (Idea). Link to Financial Times story Link to my […]

McKenna Quoted In The Chicago Tribune Re: Deloitte’s Flanagan

“It looks like Deloitte is trying to save face with clients,” said Francine McKenna… Chicago Tribune, November 8, 2008 in reference to the Thomas Flanagan insider trading scandal. Link to the story in the Tribune. Link to my blog post on the story.