Do Investors Care At All About Audits Anymore?

This was originally published at re: The Auditors. Back in October I wrote here that a very long list of sophisticated investors including my ultimate boss, Rupert Murdoch of News Corp., and business partners like Walgreen’s made the decision to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in the private start-up Theranos but didn’t insist on […]

MarketWatch 2018 Stories That Packed A Punch

It’s that time of year, when newsrooms do their review looking for stories and other accomplishments that can be nominated for awards. My editors asked me which stories I thought should be put in the hopper for their review and, of course, I mentioned the three topics that I’ve been following closely and that climaxed […]

Update: KPMG: Whittle and Holder Plead Guilty

Update November 28, 2018: On October 29 former KPMG partner Thomas Whittle,KPMG’s then-national partner-in-charge for inspections, changed his plea, to guilty from not guilty on all five counts in the case of the alleged use of stolen confidential regulator information to subvert KPMG’s regulatory inspection process. Whittle is also now cooperating with prosecutors. Here’s what […]