Amazon and taxes, oh my!

  Jeff Bezos has bigger problems than the Queens pull-out and criticism of Amazon’s taxes. He may want to wipe that smug look off his face.  Photo from Forbes.  Amazon backed out of its selection of Queens, NY as a location for a new headquarters this week.  It was a big story, revolving around new […]

McKenna At Medium: Two New Columns For the Bull Market Collection

I’m part of a group effort at called “Bull Market”. The first two columns are about taxes—the inversionist avoidance kind and one corporation’s horrible allergy to them.

McKenna Writes For Accountancy On Offshore Profit Shifting By Multinationals

Multinationals are under increasing scrutiny for income shifting and offshoring profits. I reported on the issues and U.S. legislative status in December in Accountancy, a magazine for the profession in the UK.

KPMG May Answer For GE Tax Work

Going Concern reported yesterday that KPMG professionals have been ordered to preserve all correspondence and documentation related to the tax “loaned staff” assignment it has with long-time client GE. That means someone – the SEC or PCAOB – is investigating.

Update – Wal-Mart Feeling Annoyed and Oppressed Now That Everyone Knows Everything

Who else tries to seal documents? Update: Judge Rejects Wal-Mart Effort To Block Public View of Documents A North Carolina state judge rejected an attempt by Wal-Mart Stores Inc. to block public access to certain court documents in a tax dispute with state authorities. ********************************************************************************* In a further development in the case of Wal-Mart, E&Y […]