A Case Study in IT Failure: Marin County v Deloitte Consulting and SAP

MP3 now available! I was a panelist for a teleconference discussion on the Marin County, CA lawsuit againt Deloitte Consulting and SAP for a failed systems implementation.

How Satyam Supported PwC’s Schizophrenic Strategy To Reenter The Systems Integration Business

Independence is one of the most important concepts a public accountant must grapple with. Before the technical standards, before the decisions about classification of transactions, before the methodologies, checklists, and workpapers, before any mechanical pencils are pumped with lead, one must decide whether to accept the client, and every subsequent engagement for that client, based on the codified standards for independence and objectivity, as well as one’s appetite for risk…To reenter the systems integration business, PwC had to find a way around their own weakness in technology leadership, lack of experienced resources, and the constraints of the IBM non-compete agreement.

Enter Satyam.