Huron Consulting, Its Executives and PwC; All’s Well That Ends Well

The Huron Consulting case is a great one if you would like to see examples of almost everything that’s wrong with the audit industry, the regulation of the industry and “reforms” like Sarbanes-Oxley.

Huron Consulting: Go On, Take The Money And Run

Make no mistake.
Gary Holdren was in it for the money.

Huron Consulting Group went public in the summer of 2004, barely two years after bailing on the sinking Arthur Andersen ship in May of 2002.
The accusations are devastating for a firm that makes its money keeping others out of this kind of trouble.

Hottest New Area In Accounting and Why The Big 4 Will Miss Out

What’s the hottest new area of expertise in the accounting world? I’m thinking of something other than bankruptcy, IFRS expertise or fair value accounting, which are on the horizon, looming. Let me give you some hints: “In January 2005, management substantially expanded its internal review and engaged FTI Consulting, Inc., who have extensive financial experience […]