Big 4 Bombshell: “We Didn’t Fail Banks Because They Were Getting A Bailout”

The Economic Affairs Committee of the House of Lords questioned representatives of the four largest audit firms on the issue of “going concern” opinions during the financial crisis. In particular, why were there none for the banks that failed, were bailed out, or were nationalized? The auditors admitted that they did not issue “going concern” opinions because they were told by government officials, confidentially, that the banks would be bailed out.

The Auditors And Financial Regulatory Reform: That Dog Don’t Hunt

I was invited to talk with Delaware Senator Ted Kaufman (D) and his staff last week about accounting industry reform. It’s not every day that a regular girl from Chicago has a chance to talk with a sitting US Senator about the subject most important to her.
No… I’m not talking about Rosie, my Rott.
I’m talking about the auditors’ role in the financial crisis and their place in the regulatory reform bills now being considered.