Be Skeptical — Reporters Caught Not Fact-Checking Private Company Numbers

“Auditor-turned-journalist Francine McKenna, writing at Medium, has some cautionary advice for journalists on reporting unaudited and unverified financial information.”

Dysfunctional Couple Update: Facebook and Zynga

Zynga and Facebook play out their drama in public, much to the detriment of investors who can’t leave the party early before glasses start breaking.

Zynga And Facebook: A Dangerously Close Relationship

Zynga is practically a wholly owned subsidiary of Facebook. At some point I think it will be, probably to actualize an online real-money gaming strategy.

First Forbes Magazine Feature

My first feature article for Forbes magazine is out on the newsstands today.

Still No Accountability: An Update On The Goldman Sachs Facebook Deal

This week the Goldman Sachs Facebook deal fell apart. Sort of. Due to the extensive media coverage of the details, in particular before they were final, Goldman Sachs was running some really big regulatory risks related to general solicitation of potential shareholders. Here’s an excerpt from what I wrote about the deal on January 4th. Read the rest in my column on Forbes, Accounting Watchdog.

Sarbanes-Oxley Doublespeak

“A law by itself does not bring benefits. Measure the benefits of the moral and ethical behaviors the law promotes and requires, instead.”