Lehman: The Razor’s Edge

What really happened at Lehman? The thousands of column inches devoted to trenchant, complex analysis from financial media pundits is a bit more mental masturbation than we need.

Lehman CFOs – The Problem Is Obvious

Barely a month ago today, the WSJ published a glowing article about Erin Callan, Lehman’s now former CFO, complete with sexy picture. (I think those are the T-strap Louboutin’s I covet…) In retrospect, it is easy to see the error of her ways for taking the job and of Lehman’s management for appointing her. What […]

Running At You – The Much Feared “Shorts”

Interesting article today in a publication I receive on line called Hedgeworld (Registration required, with special benefits for membership). Short sellers are certainly on the mind of the business executive on the other side of their acumen. (My bias is showing, I know.) And the SEC has parachuted in to help their beloved business executives […]