More On My Reuters Breakingviews Column: The Andersen Tax Name Grab

The news that a tax consulting firm made up of ex-Andersen partners would take the Andersen name garnered much media attention, as you might expect. It says something—but maybe not what the firm’s partners think— that so many years after the destruction of Arthur Andersen by criminal indictment—thirteen years—so many people care.

The Legacy of Arthur Andersen

Yesterday, The Financial Times asked me to comment on the Enron anniversary. Last week, it was the Houston Chronicle. So Arthur Andersen’s demise is ten years behind us. Today, I re-post one of my first, from October 13, 2006, which presents my thoughts from that time. As I re-read it today, how little has truly […]

Huron Consulting: Go On, Take The Money And Run

Make no mistake.
Gary Holdren was in it for the money.

Huron Consulting Group went public in the summer of 2004, barely two years after bailing on the sinking Arthur Andersen ship in May of 2002.
The accusations are devastating for a firm that makes its money keeping others out of this kind of trouble.

Joe Berardino – Color Me Oblivious

Continuing with my irreverent series on Enron and its ongoing haunting of our business life, we catch up with Joe Berardino. (Apologies to Mr. Berardino. The photo is actually of the dearly departed “Kenny Boy” Lay, courtesy of David M. Boje, Ph.D.) Shortly after the Enron bankruptcy, Berardino, Andersen’s CEO, said on NBC’s Meet The […]