William McGuireUnited Health UNHCEO2007/Illegal stock option backdating gains 2003-06$600 millionSEC SOx clawback
Dennis KozlowskiTyco AR:TYC  CEO2012/Massive fraud that resulted in litigation by company$505.8 millionTyco litigation
John StumpfWells Fargo WFCCEO2016/Retail accounts fraud$41 millionCompany forced forfeiture of future compensation
Kobi AlexanderComverseCEO2016/Options backdating in 2016$26.2 millionSEC forced disgorgement
Carrie TolstedtWells Fargo WFCEVP2016/Retail accounts fraud$19 millionCompany forced forfeiture of future compensation
Jamie DimonJPM JPMCEO2012/“London Whale” loss of 2011$11.5 millionCompany forced forfeiture of future compensation
Ian McCarthyBeazer BZHCEO2011/Restatement of 2006 results as a result of accounting fraud$6.5 million cash, 40,103 restricted stock units (or its equivalent), and 78,763 shares of restricted stock (or its equivalent).SEC SOx clawback
Doug BraunsteinJPM JPMCFO2012/“London Whale” loss$4.5 millionCompany forced forfeiture of future compensation.
Michael LaphenCSC US:CSC  CEO2015/Accounting fraud in 2010-12$3.7 millionSEC SOx clawback
Maynard JenkinsCSKCEO2011/Fraud in 2002-04$2.8 millionSEC SOx clawback
Babak YazdaniSabaCEO2015/Fraud in 2008-12$2.5 millionSEC SOx clawback
Carl JasperMaximCFO2006/Related to restatement of 2002-05 results$1.8 millionSEC SOx clawback
Daniel UstianNavistar US:NAV  CEO2005/Restatement of 2000-02 results due to accounting fraud$1.3 millionSEC SOx clawback
James O’LearyBeazer BZHCFO2011/Restatement of 2006 results owing to accounting fraud$1 million cash bonus, $131,733 for all restricted stock units and $274,525 in stock sale profits. SEC SOx clawback
Robert LannertNavistar US:NAV  CFO2005/Restatement of 2000-02 due to accounting fraud$1.1 millionSEC SOx clawback
Michael StrianeseL3 Communications US:LVLT  CEO2014/Internal review of misconduct and accounting errors resulting in $146 million adjustment for 2011-14$1.1 millionCompany clawback
Michael KossKoss KOSSCEO2011/Fraud and embezzlement that occurred in 2005-09$242,419 in cash and 160,000 of options plus previous voluntary reimbursement of $208,895 for 2008-2010 bonuses.SEC SOx clawback
Walden O’DellDiebold DBDCEO2010/Accounting fraudSEC SOx clawback
Ina Drew, Achilles Macris, Javier Martin-Artajo and Bruno IksilJPM JPMVarious2012/“London Whale” lossUnknownCompany didn’t disclose amounts in SEC filings but told press at the time it would represent about two years of total annual compensation and include restricted stock and canceled stock options grants.
Source:MarketWatch analysis of top take-backs since 2002 based on SEC enforcement orders and company SEC filings, with Audit Analytics data-gathering assistance.