Emails were sent or phone calls made yesterday to the following Satyam clients.  The request was this:

I would like to talk to you about [X Organization’s] relationship with Satyam, the IT outsourcing firm in India.  I am interested in how this relationship started, how you came to know about Satyam, and how Satyam was selected as a vendor.

The responses so far are as follows:

Citi: No response yet

BP: “Francine, Satyam is one of many tens of thousands of suppliers we have for IT support and all other parts of our business. They were selected in the normal way through our formal procurement process. We don’t comment on specific commercial contracts.  You can find more about our principles of working with suppliers towards the end of this document”

Caterpillar: “Francine: As a general practice we don’t discuss details of our relationships with suppliers or vendors. “

GE: No response yet

Nestle: “Dear Francine,Thank you for your message. Please be informed that we don’t comment on the relationship with our suppliers. Thank you for your understanding.”

Unilever: “Thanks for getting in touch. To answer these questions you’d need to speak to someone from our IT department. Having put the feelers out on your behalf, I’ve found that we’ve not got anybody both knowledgeable and available at the moment – August is always a tricky time because of our financial results and annual leave. Sorry we can’t be any help this time; feel free to keep my contact details to hand for future enquiries.”

ArcelorMittal: No response yet.

Qantas: No response yet.

World Bank: No response yet.

Nissan: “Dear Ms. McKenna, Your request for interview regarding Satyam was forwarded to me.  However, i am afraid we will have to decline your request as a matter of company policy, we do not publicly discuss our suppliers and vendor relationships.  Appreciate your understanding.”

Cisco: No response yet.

Applied Materials: No response yet.