EU Unveils New Regulation For Ratings Agencies

You heard it here first… Now it’s news. EU set to crack down on rating agencies Brussels is to unveil “targeted regulatory measures” for credit rating agencies operating in Europe over the next few months in response to anger over their role in promoting the sale of complex structured investments. The moves, to be outlined […]

Rating Agencies Settle – When Will They Call CR On Auditors Too?

I’ve written about the rating agencies and their conflicts and complicity in the credit crisis. There is also an unholy alliance between the rating agencies, their auditors and the companies bonds they rate and the auditors of these companies.  The Big 4 are all over all of it. And yet, no regulator or congressman or […]

Fine Company, Even Finer Conversation

Picture Source My Twitter communiques (follow me!) reported my pleasure at the invitation to a private dinner Monday night with a delegation from the European Parliament.  I accepted it immediately, when it arrived, not knowing how or why it had.  But a luxe dinner with smart people, especially foreign visitors, is always my cup of […]

The Big 4 And The Ratings Agencies – A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?

Earlier today, I pointed you to an article by Jake Zamansky on the role of the ratings agencies in the subprime crisis. I would also point you to Jim Peterson’s take on the issue. Jim concludes with some great points, too. Whatever the defensive spin and the persistent denial of the deepening conditions of adversity, […]