One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others: How Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers Hid The Ball From Investors

What’s the difference between Lehman/Hudson Castle – the structured investment vehicle (SIV) mentioned in the New York Times last week – and the SEC fraud charges against Goldman? Aren’t both about disclosure?

re: The Auditors Mentioned In The Columbia Journalism Review

It’s been my great pleasure to get to know Ryan Chittum, the reporter for the Columbia Journalism Review’s (CJR) The Audit, a blog devoted to the critical look at business journalism. Ryan and I have not yet met in person, but  The Audit is a daily must read. I did have the opportunity to meet […]

Latest Updates: My Clients Are Failing, My Clients Are Failing

Update: Chicago’s John “Dr. J.” Najarian co-founder of OptionMONSTER on the need for transparency when the assets bought by the US government are eventually sold. On YouTube. Part 2 from Jon Najarian is here.   I have been updating this information throughout the weekend as other banks failed and other deals have been done. A […]

Yea For Say On Pay From Next President Of USA

Picture Source You already know what I think about both Say on Pay and Senator Obama. Now they have joined together in a wonderful way.  It shouldn’t be surprising that Lloyd Blankfein is against it. Goldman Sachs chief executive Lloyd Blankfein made it clear he opposes the practice. Speaking at the investment bank’s annual meeting, […]

The Big 4 and A Living Wage

Photo Source There’s an ongoing dialogue related to my Big 4 Blind Items post.  Specifically, someone added a comment regarding outsourcing/off shoring work by the Big 4 to India and other lower wage countries.  My comment, regarding my experiences while a Managing Director for KPMG Consulting/Bearing Point in Latin America, is there, too. However, that […]

Big 4 Blind Items – Spring Edition

For your commenting pleasure, a variety pack of ponder-ables… Which multi billion dollar global government contractor was one of the few, if only,  public companies of its size to be cited for a material weakness due to an ineffective internal audit function?  This is not the typical “completely missing” internal audit function but one that existed […]

A Chicago Event, New Links And Comments

Unfortunately, I’ve had to cancel my live visit to Washington DC for the US Chamber’s Capital Markets Summit.  Under the circumstances, I am sure it will be a blast, but Chicago client requirements will keep me here. I will be blogging about it and hope to get some nuggets for you and beat Edith to […]

PwC and Goldman Sachs – Better Check Your Chili

Picture Source You know what they say… Never make the guy who makes your food mad!  (Or the mercenaries with US Army guns!) What else do PwC and Goldman Sachs have in common other than the vendor who provides their cafeteria services? PwC is Goldman Sachs external auditor. For now… Food workers fed up with […]