Alcoa – Let Me Tell You How The Good Guys Do It

I was in San Francisco September 6-10 for the Technology Conference. I’ve already told you the story of how this came to pass. Vinnie Mirchandani is not only smart and good at what he does, he’s a really nice guy. Only thing, Vinnie…Next time stick the GPS device on the dashboard. Watching the driver […]

Langone, Grasso and Spitzer – What Goes Around Comes Around

Image Source I have written several times in the past about the unholy alliance between Ken Langone, Richard Grasso, GE, Lew Ranieri, Computer Associates, et al. These are some of the original and sponsoring members of the Unconscionable Pay Club. Seems like litigation continues over Grasso’s pay package, but Ken Langone enjoyed a bit of […]

GE – Will Somebody Please Look Really Hard Under Their Hood?

Picture Source Update GE’s Annual Meeting is this Wednesday. Looks like Immelt will have some explaining to do… But take a look at this report fresh from the Associated Press. Can you believe accounting professors are talking about earnings manipulation by GE as if it were expected and par for the course? Makes you wonder […]

Computer Associates and KPMG – Always and Forever

Some folks never learn. Or maybe they have learned – how to deflect attention and keep doing what they want to do, in spite of the obvious need for change and new blood. One of the first posts I wrote, almost a year ago, was about the connections between Computer Associates, (or CA as they […]