@Going Concern “Investing On A New Graduate’s Salary: What To Do With What’s Left”

First paycheck. After taxes it’s not a big as you’d hoped. $72k is pretty good money but not the mother lode, for sure. If you weren’t living in one of the most expensive cities in the US it would go a lot farther. But at least you’ve got a roommate to share the burden. Working so many hours leaves little time for shopping, boozing or investing…

Volcanic Lemonade

This piece posted in full by permission of my friend Rob Nance, Publisher of Accounting Web, Inc. They can be found on Twitter and Linked In. “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade,” so goes the saying. My business trip to the UK was cancelled today (and for the unforeseeable future) due to Iceland’s volcanic […]

A Poem From The “Barefoot Accountant”

An Accounting Firm in Connecticut What thoughts I have of you tonight, Arthur Andersen, for I reviewed financial statements through dinner hour ad nauseum subconsciously thinking of my audit fee. In my hungry fatigue and looking for adjustments, I examined balance sheet accounts, vouching countless transactions! What errors and irregularities!  Multiple assertions misstated outright!  Loans in the […]

The Undeniable Value of Professional Skepticism: Guest Post From Terry Starbucker

“Terry Starbucker” is the nom de plume of my friend Terry, a service company executive (and CPA) with nearly 28 years in the business world. He writes about leadership and personal development on his blog, Ramblings From a Glass Half Full.

Beyond the Yellow Brick Road: A College Student’s Assessment of Public Accounting Job Opportunities

Somehow, they manage to make accounting look sexy. It starts when they roll into campus career fairs with their nicely tailored suits, bundles of pens and tote bags to give away, even informational cards which can be planted in a pot and sprout as flowers. You’re not in Kansas anymore! This is the big leagues, and guess what? You made it!

Deloitte Wins Major Round Re: Alleged Inside Trader Flanagan

Deloitte should be careful what they wish for. The Flanagan insider trading litigation has forced them to reveal their woefully inadequate policies and procedures regarding independence compliance. While trying to placate their clients who were dragged through the mud on this and exact revenge against their own leadership-level partner, a pillar of the Chicago social and philanthropic community, they’ve admitted to allowing Flanagan to breach their standards more than 300 times and to get away with it.

A Vote For Blogs: Professor David Albrecht

Professor David Albrecht writes: If you don’t yet spend much time reading blogs, I recommend that you start. I think many blogs are good enough to merit required reading status in your courses.

@Going Concern “Are New Graduates Getting Squeezed By The 150 Hour CPA Requirements?”

How can an undergrad with a <150 hour degree get the extra hours to qualify for the CPA exam once he starts working eighty hour weeks? Accounting is still touted in the media as a safe career. Is that really the case?

Leadership: A Guest Post from Tenacious Truman

Leadership: One Man’s Perspective by Tenacious Truman
At re: The Auditors we spend a lot of time talking about leadership—mostly the lack of it. We bemoan the “auditor” mentality, the substitution of management for leadership, and the lack of accountability.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

The events of last week, including those that occurred in the world around us, have prompted me to formalize my Comments Policy and Privacy Policy/Terms of Use. These policies, to be honest, were always my standard operating procedure, but given the heightened and constant nature of the threats all around us, it’s time to commit them to print. I want you to know what they are, so you can act accordingly both on and off the site.

Veteran’s Day In PwC Advisory: Say Auf Wiedersehen

New US Advisory Leader, Dana McIlwain laid out the bad news: The time has come to cut. Average utilization is hovering at 69%. Cash collections are millions short. Campus recruiting for Advisory has been stopped cold. Business sucks and then there’s the 800+ BearingPoint folks to absorb. On November 11th the rank and file partners, fortified after training and coaching by HR via a webcast in the next few days, will chop 300+ professionals from PwC Advisory…

Only You Can Prevent White-Collar Crime: A Guest Post

A guest post from Troy Costlow. Troy Costlow is an MBA student studying Accounting & Finance at DePaul’s Kellstadt Graduate School of Business.   I’m frightened in a way I haven’t felt since I was little. Dr. Kelly Pope is my professor at DePaul/Kellstadt and a regular contributor to this blog. It’s her fault. Maybe […]