McKenna at Grant’s Interest Rate Observer 35th Anniversary Conference

On October 9, 2018 I spoke at the Grant’s Interest Rate Observer 35th Anniversary Conference in New York at the Plaza Hotel.

After many years of good relations and a recent successful podcast performance, Jim Grant asked me to present at his conference this fall. The podcast, where I talk about non-GAAP metrics, the state of the accounting industry and a few other hot topics, is free.

Jim Grant wrote me:  “I deem it essential that someone—no, not just someone, but you—speak on the theme of willful self-delusion through accounting (have been thinking about this since your terrific podcast appearance). This would entail a short survey of the evolution from GAAP to (increasingly) non-GAAP methods followed by a discussion of, say, three specific instances of accounting abuse that directly bear on securities prices.  You have 40 minutes, including Q&A. It would be a privilege and a pleasure to have you on the program.”

The rest of the agenda is covered by a who’s who of well-known investors, but I was the only one wearing a dress and lipstick.

The presentation can be found here .


William A. Ackman – Pershing Square Capital

James Bianco – Bianco Research, LLC

Edward Chancellor – Financial Historian

Anthony Deden – Edelweiss Holdings, Ltd.

Stanley Druckenmiller – Duquesne Family Office, LLC

Francine McKenna – MarketWatch

Craig Moffett – MoffettNathanson, LLC

Jason DeSena Trennert – Strategas Research Partners, LLC

Logan Wright – Rhodium Group

James Grant – Grant’s Interest Rate Observer