McKenna Interviewed On KPMG And FIFA By The Bottom Line Canada

I was interviewed by The Bottom Line magazine in Canada back in June on KPMG’s role as auditor of FIFA.  The article I wrote for MarketWatch was wildly popular.

I have been following the story ever since.

It seems Switzerland is finally looking into KPMG’s role.  In the US, the SEC and Department of Justice continue to look at other public companies and their executives that may have FCPA and bribery vulnerability if they paid under the table for media, sponsorship and other advertising rights. Some companies like McDonald’s and Coca Cola and have finally distanced themselves from the stubborn, allegedly corrupt leadership of the organization.  Sepp Blatter, its infamous leader, is under investigation in Switzerland now suspended, since he won’t leave on his own steam.

Read: Attention Turns To Auditor in the FIFA Scandal in The Bottom Line August issue.





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