Deadline December 15: Support This University of Notre Dame Accounting Grad Salary Survey!

Professor Jennifer Sustersic Stevens, PhD, CPA at Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame
has asked me to post her request for your participation in a survey that will support important accounting research.

Please complete the survey and I promise to report on the results when a working paper is published in the spring.

My first job was at Continental Illinois National Bank and Trust in Chicago as a Financial Information Systems Training (FIST) Program trainee. After a fifteen week training program I went to internal audit, reviewing Personal Trusts that held alternative assets like farms. My starting salary in 1984 was $19,600!

Fellow accountants: Everyone remembers his or her starting salary. Do you remember yours? Please tell us!

The University of Notre Dame is conducting a large-scale study to explore accounting graduates’ first full-time employment positions and starting salaries following a degree in accounting. The survey takes less than 1 minute to complete! 

The link is here.

We need a long time-series of data, so all are welcome to participate. Please also share this link within your accounting networks to help us collect valuable information to further the profession’s understanding of the labor market for accounting graduates.

Thank you!

The survey will be open until December 15.