Featured In Eric Jackson’s 2014 “Sleeper” Tips And Trends At Forbes

Eric Jackson is the Founder and Managing Partner of Ironfire Capital LLC, which runs a tech-focused hedge fund and angel fund. He is based in Toronto. We met on Twitter, have spoken on the phone and via email several times and I like to think it was me that got him to think about writing for Forbes. He’s very good at it. He also writes for TheStreet.com.

I’ve been a part of his annual “picks” post for the last few years. Last year I picked Treehouse Foods as a “long”. It was up 30% for the year. I picked SAP as a “short”. Unfortunately SAP was up 8.4%.  I’d be ahead but I think I’ll stick to my day job.

This year he’s decided to ask his sources to provide their best “sleeper ideas” for 2014.

“A sleeper idea is something that few people see coming.  It’s a little followed idea that suddenly goes mainstream.”

Mine—you’ll find me towards the end— are about Deloitte and Citigroup.  I talk about Deloitte’s growing resemblance to Arthur Andersen before the Enron failure. Citigroup has problems producing accurate “proof of claims”, a key part of legitimately foreclosing on houses. Citi’s servicer arm seems to stink at it.

Take a look and let me know what you think.

The Best “Sleeper Ideas” For Trends, Stocks, And Private Companies To Watch In 2014 by Eric Jackson at Forbes.com.

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  1. Len Green
    Len Green says:

    I read your prediction with a hope that this trend of declining trust in what used to be “professional services” can be turned around. There seems to be a never ending cycle of events that show it is futile to trust and frustrating to “trust but verify.” That’s a sad reflection on the culture of corporate America, isn’t it?

  2. Stephanie Chen
    Stephanie Chen says:

    I think those are some great insights Francine and even if your prediction about Deloitte doesn’t come true in 2014, it probably won’t be too long after that.

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