Updated Review of Connaughton’s “The Payoff”

I posted an updated review of Jeff Connaughton’s great book from last year, “The Payoff: Why Wall Street Always Wins” over at Medium.com.

Attorney General Eric Holder has been saying, and doing, some things that might make some think the administration is finally going to get tough with more bankers at higher levels over financial crisis crimes.

Jeff and his Washington DC story was the subject of a profile in the New Yorker by George Packer in late 2012 and then a featured spot in Packer’s new book, “The Unwinding”. (On my “must read before the end of the summer” list.)

By the way, there’s another new book making the rounds called “This Town”, also about Washington DC that looks great. (Here’s a link to a video of Bill Moyers talking with author Mark Liebovich.)  Since I spend so much time in DC, it’s good to know who’s who so I don’t chat up the wrong guy – or maybe chat up the right one – at the bar at one of my favorite places, Kaz Sushi Bistro.

Here’s an excerpt from my updated review at Medium.com:

Holder told The Wall Street Journal on Monday of this week that his message to prosecutors has been consistent and strong all along:

“Remain aggressive and pursue these kinds of cases.”When the reporters asked Holder specifically about the now significantly besieged JP Morgan and its chief executive, Jamie Dimon, Holder added:

“No individual, no company is above the law. We don’t investigate companies based on who a CEO is, but we don’t avoid investigating companies based on who the CEO is, either.”

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