Writing For University of Chicago Booth School of Business Capital Ideas Magazine And Blog

I’ve been writing for the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business Capital Ideas magazine and blog for a few months now. The purpose of this particular Booth School initiative is to highlight faculty research.

The assignment fits right in with what I’ve been doing for the last two years or so when I visit universities. I speak to students but leave as much time to talk to accounting and business ethics faculty about their work. Some of it I can use to bolster my arguments. Some of it I can help get mentioned in other publications.

Something like that happened recently with a paper on equity sell-side analysts by Nate Sharp at Texas A&M and some of his colleagues colleagues. Before we were done they had mentions from Broc Romanek at TheCorporateCounsel.net , from John Carney at CNBC’s NetNet blog and at The Motley Fool.

For the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, I’ll write for the Capital Ideas magazine and blog. The first issue of the new magazine can be found here. I’ve got a piece on “short-termism” highlighting work by Professor Haresh Sapra. Watch for more in the next issue, due in September.

I’m also writing for the Chicago Booth Capital Ideas blog. I’ve posted three pieces so far. The plan is to do two a month.

What’s Wrong With Insider Trading?

It’s Not That Unusual: Apple Borrows to Buy Back Shares

Manipulation Or Misreporting? When We’re Too Quick To Cry Fraud

I hope you will take advantage of these publications to learn more about what’s going on in accounting, what’s going on at Chicago Booth, and what I’m thinking.

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