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The writer must earn money in order to be able to live and to write, but he must by no means live and write for the purpose of making money.
Karl Marx

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  1. Hans J. Gscheidmeyer
    Hans J. Gscheidmeyer says:

    Dear Fran,
    I want to let you know, that I distributed your latest NL to some of my close friends here in Germany. I hope I did right so without having asked for your permission. They know, how much I like your side and they may become addicts themselves too. That is what I said to them:

    Dear Friends,

    I wanted to share the latest issue of «the auditors» NL with you (see below).
    Please, be aware how much Karl Marx’ words are in line with best practice of ethical perspectives and wisdom.
    But why on earth did Karl Marx choose writers as an example in the first place?
    Given the vast majority of more relevant actors in that arena and his well known focus on social economy, that is.

    The book mentioned (The Payoff) will certainly name some of those actors too, but will unfortunately not be available before October 2nd.
    So it might be difficult having reading completed before the presidential elections on November 6th.
    However, we in Europe are not amongst the voters anyway. And the insights are certainly not completely new stuff either.
    At least that is, what Karl Marx might have observed.

    Kind regards

  2. Francine
    Francine says:


    You are most welcome to distribute my work to others. That is what it is for. I am so glad you enjoy it. I welcome your feedback always.


  3. Paul Gillis
    Paul Gillis says:


    Quoting Marx has now disqualified you from political office in the United States, particularly as a Republican.

    Welcome to the club. I used Marxist theory in my doctoral dissertation.

  4. Francine
    Francine says:

    @ Paul Gillis

    I am an equal opportunity reader. I am waiting for more comments from all the young Ayn Rand spouting accountants that tell me I’m a naive Pollyanna.

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