McKenna Appears On “Chicago Tonight” Talking About Business Ethics

I appeared July 17 on Chicago Tonight, a nightly news program produced by WTTW, Channel 11, the public television station in Chicago. The show is hosted by Phil Ponce, a very interesting guy who was really good at wrangling the three cats on this panel. I was joined by John Lothian and Professor Laura Pincus-Hartman of DePaul.

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  1. David
    David says:

    It seems so difficult to “get the word” out. These business crimes continue and yet there has not been an atmosphere that creates a disincentive to stop the criminal behavior. As John Lothian indicated crime pays. They are fined, yet, the fine is less than the earnings from the criminal act. Result, a net profit.
    I thought Professor Pincus-Hartman was making excuses with the comments regarding the intense pressure to perform. They do it because they must succeed. Please!! give me a break. That says that the illegal acts of these individuals is excusable because there was pressure? That pressure is will I get my extra $250K Succeed in getting a bonus, or not? Booo Professor…. Teach your students that integrity of action is the best bonus they can take home and invest in.
    Francine was great. I thought you were constrained in what you were ‘allowed’ to say. But, part of that was due to time constraints. Good segment, and good work by Mr. Ponce.

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