First Forbes Magazine Feature

My first feature article for Forbes magazine is out on the newsstands today.

The articles, a feature and a sidebar, are also posted on my blog at

Groupon: Ernst & Young’s Accounting Challenged Client is the sidebar to the feature article, How Zynga, Facebook and Groupon’s Go-To Auditor Rewrites Accounting Rules.

I had lots of help from wonderful professionals who generously offered advice, resources and quotes, including at the last minute over Easter/Passover weekend.  Some of those quotes, unfortunately, did not make it to print.  I will put together an outtakes reel later so you can also see that thought leadership on the subject.

If you like what I’ve done under the Forbes Investigations banner, please let them know.  I’ve got three more features planned for this year and hope to do more.

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  1. ESD
    ESD says:

    Well done, Francine. Your ‘tone from the top’ is terrific. Keep up the transparent and entertaining coverage.

  2. Colleen Cross
    Colleen Cross says:

    Great article, Francine. Love reading your blog and this article in particular is really thought-provoking. Financial transparency is always a good thing.

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