Now Available: A New e-Book on Careers In The Big Four

Available Now: re: The Auditors On Careers: Being A Big Four Partner

The price is $3.99.

This book is the third volume of compilations from re: The Auditors and the second in a series on careers. This volume focuses on the role of the partner in the Big Four public accounting firm and how that person is developed, evaluated, and compensated.

All of these essays have been previously published in re: The Auditors but have been selected and arranged chronologically for your convenience. This version does include extensive links to other articles and resources both on and off the site. Please visit the original posts to view reader comments. The community conversation and information sharing is one of the most valuable parts of the re: The Auditors site.

Future career volumes will cover diversity and inclusiveness, ethics, independence, and professional skepticism, layoffs, and the overtime lawsuits.

Future compilations will cover special topics in auditor litigation, the Ernst & Young/Lehman case, consulting in the Big Four, and a behind the scenes look at the global network construct.

Please also visit my columns at, “Accounting Watchdog”, and at American Banker, “Accountable”.

Also available:

re: The Auditors on Careers: A Compilation On Recruiting, Salaries, and the Competitive Employment Landscape

The price is $2.99.

This book is the second in a series of compilations from re: The Auditors and my Forbes column, “Accounting Watchdog”. This volume starts a series on careers for auditors, internal auditors, consultants, and tax professional in the Big Four public accounting firms.

In this e-book I cover the recruiting process, salaries, and the competitive employment landscape of a career in public accounting with one of the large global firms.

And: “Unholy Alliance: PricewaterhouseCoopers And Its Relationship With AIG and Goldman Sachs During The Crisis.”

This is not a traditional book but a compilation of all of my writing from 2007 until January of this year on AIG, Hank Greenberg, the asset valuation and collateral conflict between Goldman Sachs and AIG, and PwC’s relationship with two of its most important clients.

All of the chapters are available as posts on this site and, but I thought it might be helpful for some to see them in chronological order, all together.

The package includes thirty-three (33) essays including extensive links, almost 41,000 words, and 180 pages of stories about such characters as Arthur Levitt, Joe Cassano, Eliot Spitzer, and Hank Greenberg. There’s extensive coverage of the litigation related to the earlier AIG crisis for accounting issues occurring between 2002-2005.

All for $5.99.

I’ve been covering this beat for almost five years now and my experience in the industry goes back almost thirty years. If you’re interested in this business, this insight is not available anywhere else.

So, please let me know what you think.

You can go here to subscribe to this site via Kindle.

Your feedback and ideas for future e-books will be appreciated.

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  1. Umair
    Umair says:

    Hi Francine,

    it’s an awesome idea but is it possible that this content is available on “Smart phones & Tablet’s” via iTunes or respective platforms.The important thing is to make the content relevant,where i can assist if required.I am very interested in technology & can assist in creating the “App”.

    One thing i am curious about is that Big 4 US Partner’s visit this site?

  2. Francine
    Francine says:


    The process for producing the book and marketing it is via Kindle by Amazon. My understanding is thaat Kindle is available on IPhone and iPad. I am just a girl, so I do what I can. 🙂

  3. Francine
    Francine says:


    And, yes, many Big 4 partners and retired partners, as well as accounting professors and regulators, visit this site. They also circulate the posts amongst their peers. I know because they have told me and they subscribe. 🙂

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