McKenna Now Writing At American Banker

I’m now writing a weekly column for American Banker.  It’s called “Accountable” and will cover corporate governance, risk management, and the role of professional services firms in financial services. You can find the column online on Fridays and in print on Mondays each week in their BankThink section. BankThink is a blog about ideas, trends, and other developments in financial services. The OpEds and other contributions in this section are available without a subscription to American Banker.

The first column, “Deloitte Blurs The Lines To Court Mutual Funds,” discusses the appointment of SEC and Investment Company Institute alumni Elizabeth Krentzman as that firm’s new head of the U.S. mutual funds practice. Her responsibilities include business development and delivery of audit services as well as tax, financial advisory, and consulting.

Elizabeth Krentzman is a lawyer, not a CPA. She’s worked 11 out of the last 14 years at Deloitte, always on the consulting side of the house. But now auditors are reporting to her.

That’s because this month she got a new job leading Deloitte’s U.S. mutual fund industry practice. She oversees the auditors as well as the tax, financial advisory and consulting staff who serve that industry…

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