Columbia Journalism Review Features McKenna On Roger Lowenstein

Ryan Chittum at the Columbia Journalism Review said some very nice things about my piece in Forbes on Roger Lowenstein and his “Wall Street: Not Guilty” piece. He found my comments on Repo 105 and Lowenstein’s ignorance of the real issues around those transactions to be especially interesting.

Even better, he liked my reporting from the Ohio AAA meeting. I had no idea Ohio CPAS CEO Clark Price would be speaking. I was quite surprised when that seasoned lobbyist veteran assumed everyone on the room was sympathetic to his dismissive attitude towards media and others who might question auditors’ roles in the crisis.

The fact that I was invited as a featured panelist shows that there are academics seeking all sides of the story about the profession and its future. I certainly met and talked with many who strongly encouraged my efforts to raise awareness.

And McKenna, a former auditor, has her own site called re: The Auditors, and she’s particuarly attuned to those issues. This is a very good piece of reporting:

The auditors, for example, are grateful for their continued “good crisis”. I tweeted the CEO of the trade association for Ohio CPAs, Clark Price, saying last weekend:

I’ve rec’d no calls re: Where were auditors? in this crisis. Great. I hate those calls from media.”

Senator Reed held a hearing about auditors and crickets chirped. We’ve been lucky. No one is paying attention.”

McKenna and very few other journalists (Jon Weil is an exception that comes to mind) are paying attention. Where’s everybody else?

Might want to give old Clark Price a holler.

Read the rest here.

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