@Forbes “Charlie Sheen And Public Company Disclosure”

You may think I’m stretching, but this post has garnered quite a few hits and several comments on Twitter, including from my Forbes boss, Dan Bigman, the Executive Editor for Business News.

Is Charlie Sheen big enough to have a material effect on either CBS Corporation (CBS) or TimeWarner, Inc financial results?

Warner Brothers (WB), a division of TimeWarner, and CBS announced February 25thto suspend production of Sheen’s show, Two and a Half Men, “based on the totality of Charlie Sheen’s statements, conduct and condition.”

Sheen has a long history as a problem child and I am not defending either his self-destructive or violent behavior. But the money – what his and the show’s popularity earns for CBS and WB – has driven all public statements, disclosures, and decision making for the two public companies until now. In fact, in spite of multiple serious and very public legal, medical, and personal problems over the years, both CBS and WB have remained, until now, unmitigated fans of Sheen and his show…

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