“Sarah Palin: The ‘Stepford’ Feminist?” And A Review of Wall Street 2

Two new columns at my weekend gig, Sundayed.

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The Talking Heads song “Home” plays over the closing credits and I start bopping in my theater seat.  Sorry to say, this tune was the best thing about the movie, Wall Street 2.  That’s not to say the film wasn’t visually stunning, even stimulating.  In fact, it was so stimulating my brain still hurts this morning. So many colors, flashing computer screens, cable TV news talking heads… I’m still getting flashbacks this morning of Larry Kudlow moderating a CNBC octo-box, the cable TV news version of Cerberus, the many headed hell hound of Greek mythology…

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The notion that Sarah Palin is a feminist any where close to the way progressives have traditionally defined feminists was immediately refuted or, as Mrs. Palin would say, “refudiated.”  The smack down came from the Grand Dame of feminism, Gloria Steinem….[But if] we look at Mrs. Palin’s actions rather than her words we see a woman who appears to operate on her own terms, of her own volition, driven by great ambition and without a strong husband pulling her strings.  Have you seen Todd Palin around at all since she quit her job as Governor of Alaska?

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