re: The Auditors In The Columbia Journalism Review for KPMG/Countrywide/New Century Coverage

Dean Starkman edits The Audit, a critique of the business press at the Columbia Journalism Review.

I had the good fortune to be cited recently – it’s the fourth time if you’re keeping count – by The Audit and Starkman for my coverage of KPMG’s settlements of their Countrywide and New Century litigation.

Speaking of accounting—Re: The Auditors is running a useful post zeroing in on the role auditors played in blessing the books of some of the most execrable players of the mortgage boiler-room era

Fortunately for me, Starkman and his colleague, Ryan Chittum, have so far liked my coverage of the audit industry. It seems there is more and more interest in the business of accounting by the traditional media and the Columbia Journalism Review likes my take on it.

I take this attention, and my experience with the Loeb Awards this past spring, very seriously.  I’ve  applied to attend two sponsored, fellowship-type programs covering professional digital, investigative journalism.  I will let you know how that works out.

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