@Going Concern “Will Hustling The Big 4 On Salary Hurt Your Chances?”

My new column is up @Going Concern.

I get calls. I get letters. And now I even get lots of requests to meet. Talking to readers is one of my favorite things to do. It makes my opinions and ideas real.

I also, of course, learn much from you about what’s really going on. I appreciate the insights you provide. So write, call, or come and see me some time. The sun is out now in Chicago and the water’s warm.

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  1. Umair
    Umair says:

    I would love to meet you,if i am in US & i would love to visit my member firm’s office in US most like NY Office in US.But if u have skype,i can add you & you can make free calls from Skype to skype…Though i have seen your interview & heard you voice first time on youtube in NY with media channel.When i hear about US,Mr.Steve Jobs come to my mind & his conferences in California Apple HQ.I love Apple IPhone,great device for professionals.Apple has overtaken Microsoft in the world in Tech Industry with Apple IPhone 4G in line.

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