McKenna Quoted In Business Week Re: Regulatory Reform

Paul Barrett of Business Week wrote a great profile last week of Senator Ted Kaufman, Vice President Joe Biden’s replacement in the US Senate for Delaware.

I was quoted twice.

Some proponents of stricter financial oversight see Kaufman, an obscure back-bencher, as an unlikely hero. “It’s so rare for an appointed senator to do so much, so loudly, so well, so quickly,” said Francine McKenna, a former managing director at BearingPoint, a global management-consulting firm. McKenna now has her own consulting firm and runs the investigative Web site, Re: The Auditors.

Read the rest, including my second quote, here.

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  1. Umair
    Umair says:

    Congrats Francine,

    You are not only known in US,but all over the world.I am reading you articles on the other end of the globe from US/CAN. You deserve that,your great work is admired by me.Hope something positive comes out by the Senate regarding Wall Street. I was listening news on Bloomberg that Barack Obama is bringing new rules to Wall Street after Goldman Sachs Debacle on Thursday.

    Again Congrats & keep up your great work.

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