Public Service Announcement: Adopt A Greyhound

Please indulge me in this appeal to dog lovers in the Midwest. More than 300 dogs will be “out of a job” by December 31st.  But if they’re not adopted, they may be destroyed.  Literally.

Here’s an article from the Chicago Reader that describes the process.

From the website of the Greyhound Pets of America Wisconsin Chapter.

“Dairyland Greyhound Park to Close

Kennel Dogs

On December 31st, 2009 live racing will cease at Dairyland Greyhound Park bringing the end of an era to Wisconsin dog tracks. What does that mean for GPA-Wisconsin? Well, it means we’ll need to continue doing exactly what we have been doing for the past 20 years, but just more of it. That is, finding homes for ex-racing greyhounds. Our strategic plan is to step up our efforts of public awareness through media coverage and special events to educate the public about what great pets greyhounds can make when their racing careers are completed. With that awareness, our hope is to generate more adoption applications than we normally receive this time of year, in order to place more greyhounds into loving homes.

Betty and Zoey

How can you help? If you’ve been thinking about adopting a retired racing greyhound, but just haven’t moved forward – now is the time to take action and bring one of these special dogs home.

Contact Joanne Kehoe Operations Dir. @ 312.559.0887

If you’d like to help, have a donation, or have questions about adoption, please use our contact form or leave a message on our voicemail system, (414) 299-9473. One of our volunteers will contact you with how you can get more involved. Thank you.