Auditor Haiku – Who Said Accountants Weren’t Creative?

Just when I think I may have gone too far, stretched your faith in me, asked for too much, you surprise me. 

The contributions to the impromptu haiku contest, inspired by gogo Inflight and their offer of a free hour of inflight wifi to SOBCon attendees, have been AMAZING! I am now sure there are some hidden poets, fiction writers, and essayists, as well as a few more bloggers, amongst my readers.  Glad to have inspired you to think in a different structural form, for a few moments at least.

Strictly speaking, Haiku (俳句 haikai verse?) is a form of Japanese poetry, consisting of 17 morae (or on), in three metrical phrases of 5, 7 and 5 morae respectively. Haiku typically contain a kigo, or seasonal reference, and a kireji or verbal caesura.  This was a fun exercise, but my choice of “winners” was based on how close the poem came to this ideal.

To kick it off, mine is here:

Wings up, free as bird.

Go-going to some places

never forgotten.

The three winners of a gogo Inflight coupon for a free inflight wifi session are:

Tenacious Truman

Season of the bee

Utilization is high

The airport: my hive



debits credits reign

extreme winters bite long gone

a soul sold again


Daniel Montes

I drive and I fly

With red pen in hand, I test

On Friday I venture home


Winners: Please send me a mailing address, via email or Twitter, where I can send your coupon.

The rest of the entries, including one limerick (wow, an idea for another contest…) are reprinted below.  They are all great. I especially like the call-and-response vibe that was created.  Makes me smile here in sunny (today) Chicago.  To all of you who contributed, please send me an email with contact info and your location. Lunch is on me next time I’m in your town.  In fact…just invite me.  

I’m expensive, but I’m worth it.

 PS.  All of you “anonymous” folks, please set up a pseudonym for commenting.  Helps me and the other readers keep you straight and puts a personality and brand stamp on your thoughts.

Erik Hare  | |

Something from nothing

Always seemed so magical

Until it wasn’t.


Strategic mistake

top performers are leaving

to government jobs

anon  (1)

Seemed so good at first

The kool-aid has grown bitter

Time for office chat


Big 4 life is tough

If you don’t like it, get out

And stop your whining

Anonymous (2)

whining and stating the facts

two different things

the big 4 life is overrated

Tony Rezko


of Accounting, ClownCollege

hath drunk the kool-aid

Section 245 A haiku for my staff:

Another month ends

Pull thumb out of hindquarters

Collect my bills, please


Please get your own bills

we are not bill collectors

we are auditors


partners are scared

in panic mode it is clear

worse times than 0 – 1. 


Charge hours are down

Utilization is low

Man I’m in trouble


Journey into ether

Between the night and the dawn

Gossamer wings fly

Tenacious Truman

Cherry-blossoms waft

O’er unemployed CPAs.

“Not enough profit.”

Erik Hare  | |

New management fads

Fossilize, thus becoming

The Stoney Lonesome.


I’ll go for a limerick…

There once was a poster named ClownCollege

who took contrarian opinions with full knowledge

that he would soon see 

the Big Four turn to three

and a misplaced faith would he acknowledge


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  1. AMS
    AMS says:

    Auditor, my profession to be
    My future, collapsed from right underneath me
    Studying hard, determination, defines me.

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