An Amazing Internship Opportunity – A Public Service Announcement For My Friends At Publicis

One of my best friends works for Publicis, the global media and communications company.  She likes working for a French company. She talks to suave guys named Luc and Yves and JeanPaul every day. Right now she is on a month long tour to Milan and Madrid, reviewing financial controls in their accounting and financial organizations.  

Nice work if you can get it.  

She recently passed along this opportunity for a six month internship in their IT Infrastructure organization.  In these uncertain times, I like this idea of a post-graduate, solid, paid internship in a world class company that intends to mentor the individual.  You both have a chance to size each other up before making a comittment. It’s almost as good as one year of Americorp or travel abroad or volunteering with Habitat for Humanity or a local social service organization.

Don’t rush into working for just anyone, especially not the Big 4 audit firms and their “consultancies.” Plenty of time for that later when things settle down.

 I would like to see more of these opportunities and would be glad to consider publicizing them.  Yes, there are lots of ways to use your skills.  And lots of amazing places to do it.

Please respond directly to Luc Bell (on Twitter @lrbell) if you are interested. Tell him I sent you.

Hello everyone If you do not know me, my name is Luc Bell, and I work on the global infrastructure team in Chicago. In a former life (pre-1999) I worked with IT/Engineering interns at a large telco and loved the experience. Well, I have been tasked with finding several interns to join our organization, and we need your help!  If you know anyone interested in a 6 month internship please forward me their information. This could really be anyone. We have reached out to the local Universities, but we wanted to share with the group as well. The criteria are listed in the attached posting, but basically here is what we want.  - A recent or May '09 graduate (Associates, undergrad BA,BS or graduate degree in IT, MIS, or CS)  with an interest in IT.  Yes, I am flexible as you will see from the job description.  I want to entertain (consider) minds not certifications or a specific technology (but that is fine too).   - Location - Chicago IL and/or Troy MI (This is firm, as this is where mentors are located.)   - The opportunity will involve full time hours (This is firm, as this is where mentors are located.) - HR related particulars (stipend, hours, forms, etc...) can be addressed outside this announcement. I would like to have hard and fast resume inside 2 weeks.  In this economy a prospective graduate could benefit greatly from 6 months of experience versus just graduating and diving into the job market.  Beyond that,I am happy to answer any questions.

Luc R. Bell | Global Infrastructure Architect

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