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If you’re seeing this post then you’re looking at the new re: The Auditors, coming to you from still chilly Chicago and the re: The Auditors headquarters, the “Original” Ferrara Bakery, Taylor Street, not that faker in some supposedly old Italian neighborhood in New York.

Although the New York version does make a great chocolate cannoli. I tried one a week ago Saturday in Central Park. The other Ferrara Bakery New York has a kiosk at the entrance to the park near Columbus Circle. A coffee and a cannoli, and a beautiful day in the park with one of my favorite people… What more could a girl wish for?

Well, you know me better than that. Nothing less than a book, a guest spot on Tech Ticker, and some new shoes for Spring will satisfy me… But I digress.

WIth this new format, (not a blog, but more,) I’m entering a new phase of my writing and my service to my readers. This format is content rich, content focused, and content consistent. As you can see, it also lends itself well to my fetish for photos and, yet, stays simple and elegant like my taste in fashion. Some of you will have feedback, some of you will have compliments, and finally there’s always the complainers. But that’s all part of the deal. I’m ready, bolstered by a big latte, with an extra couple of shots of espresso and, today, peach flavor.



Coming up later today, a story about the new research by a team of academics that asks the question, “Did Sarbanes-Oxley go too far by prohibiting auditors from taking on internal audit as well as external audit for their clients?” 

Well, I am sure you already know my answer, but tune in later today to see how I say it and with which pic I illustrate it.

Also up later this week, my interview with Stuart Grant of Grant and Eisenhofer. Stuart is arguably the preeminent plaintiffs lawyer now when it comes to Big 4. He’s the lead on the Deloitte Parmalat lititgation and also on a Refco case. Busy guy, but he took some time out to talk to me last Thursday.

And also later this week, the Big 3 automakers and their future. Bankruptcy or not? That is the question. I was inspired by Ron Silberstein, CPA, partner in Maddox Ungar Silberstein, PLLC. He is fighting the good fight for his clients in Bingham Farms, Michigan, the center of the universe for the automotive industry and its employees, vendors, service providers and trickle down beneficiaries.

If you’re reading me on a Reader or via RSS feed, please go to the site, re: The Auditors Take a look and let me know what you think. I have a new sponsor, Roger CPA Review and more to come.  Roger and his team have taken a leap of faith and backed me in this endeavor, stepping up first  and stepping up strong.  Thanks to all for your support.

I’ve spent some time and money, with the amazing, patient, creative, and wise assistance of Jason Moriber of Wise Elephant, to make this happen. Please be patient with us as we clean up the dust from our creative collaboration. We welcome your feedback.

fmckenna@mckennapartners.com and jm@wiseelephant.com

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  1. Tenacious Truman
    Tenacious Truman says:


    I think the new site nicely reflects your current intentions. Best wishes for your continued success!

    — Tenacious T.

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    cudos! I’m a longtime reader who’s loving the new site. Keep up the great work. Only thing I miss is the Juvenal quote.

  3. admin
    admin says:

    @Anon 12:10 am Oh my gosh! How did I forget the Juvenal quote? I will put it up where the Beta info is later. For now, I can put it in the About page. Thanks for paying attention. It means a lot to me. 🙂


  4. Tenacious Truman
    Tenacious Truman says:


    I have two questions regarding your new post about the BearingPoint Chapter 11 announcement.

    1. Comments are closed — was that intentional?

    2. You last sentence discusses your Latin America adventures and mentions that they might be the basis for your first fiction, ending with the final word “enjoy”. I’m hoping the “enjoy” related to your (future or in-process?) fiction writing and not to the Chapter 11 announcement. Right?

    — Tenacioius T.

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