More Favorites From 2008 – Indulge Me, Pretty Please

Twitters to be read from the bottom up…

I’m still out in the middle of nowhere rural Michigan with internet coverage only at the local taverns. So you can imagine what that does to my productivity. I’ve been Twittering from my Blackberry, doing some research, and connecting with folks in preparation for the new blog launch.

Sorry to keep you all in suspense for so long.

Don’t forget to register for the webcast on January 6th. I will be talking about securities litigation with a distinguished cast of characters hosted by Bruce carton of Compliance Week and Securities Docket fame.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be the only one wearing stilettos…
My comments are expected to specifically target the securities litigation facing the Big 4 audit firms.  I’ll also throw in some commentary on other litigation they’ve been settling.
The above screen shots are what I was Twittering with Kevin Funnell of Bank Lawyers Blog. (He’s a newish, but now, very committed Twitterer!) about auditor’s legal liability today…
I wanted to continue with a few more of my favorite blog posts from 2008.  On New Years Eve I gave you a few to ponder.
I’m going to jump in again in May…
Fine Company, Even Finer Conversation – This post was a summary of a wonderful meal I had as a guest of the Chicago Council on Foreign Affairs when they hosted a delegation of  members of the European Parliament.  I asked a question, prompted by one member and had a ball.  The blog and my unique interests have given me a new window to the world and many new friends and contacts along the way.
This Auditor Was Duped – For those who say I can’t admire the prowess of the other side of my arguments, I give you this post. My professional crush on attorney Mike Attanasio was first made public.  I’ve come to rely on Mike and others for expert guidance when I tread into territory beyond the scope of my formal training. Jim Peterson, Broc Romanek, Tom Gorman, Mick Cochran, Francis Pileggi, and Jake Zamansky are a few others who fight the good fight for their clients as true “professionals.”  I admire them for their brains as well as their brawn, regardless of which side of an issue they’re on.  Ok…now you know my secret.  I like lawyers. Except Mike Young.  He’s a shill.
The Big 4 and FAS 5 – What We Don’t Know Can’t Hurt Us – FAS 5 is a great issue and emblematic of the Big 4 business philosophy:  Never admit to knowing anything of consequence that requires judgment.  My writing on the topic eventually afforded me a great quote in a BNA article on the subject and the opportunity to meet and learn from Susan Webster later in the year at the FEI CIFR Conference.  Oh, and at that conference I got to question Mike Young, who treated me and my question as if it was old chewing gum on his shoe.  As my Buddhist friend Kenny told me, when a guy like that bothers you, just picture them constipated.  Oh wait, that’s easy.
Say On Pay? Tell It To The Source: The Bendable Directors – Oh wait, I have to go back to January where, in one post, I was able to work in the terms, “bend over,” “circle jerk,” and “pornographic.”  What was the post about?  Executive pay excess, of course.   Only here, kiddles, only here.
Well, I’m going to stop here.  There’s more.  I haven’t even reached one of my true BFFs in the whole wide world  yet….
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  1. Broc Romanek
    Broc Romanek says:

    Wow. The only end of year lists I have ever made before were the ones regarding “most likely to be bald.” Much thanks and you’re obviously at the top of any “best” lists!

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    Can you make the text column on this a little narrower? I can almost read it and would prefer to have it be a .5 inch column of text so its completely ilegible

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