My Hopes For The Next President of The United States

“Hope is not blind optimism.” Pause.

“Hope is not sitting on the sidelines or shirking from a fight.” Pause.
“Hope is that thing inside of us that insists, despite all the evidence to the contrary, that there is something greater inside of us.”

I hope that President Barack Obama maintains necessary optimism, seasoned with a dose of healthy skepticism of all those who come calling with their hands out.
I hope while President, Barack Obama never abdicates responsibility to handlers, toadies, and the synchophants who inevitably go along with any entourage. That he never shirks from a worthy opponent and follows through on  promises he made to all the citizens of the United States and to the world. 
Because, count on it, the world is also waiting for a President from the United States who deserves their respect and admiration.
I hope that Barack Obama always remembers, always listens to, always honors that thing inside him, that greater thing, that brought him to this moment.  Somewhere along the way, in his nature or his nurture, he acquired a presence of mind, a strong sense of self and an understanding of his vocation, his purpose in life.  I doubt he read any how-to books, and he probably took anything from any preacher or other advisor with a grain of salt, because he is intelligent.  He didn’t view his life as one that required separation between his work and his family and personal life.  He is the epitome of convergence.  Many here in Chicago know that he is the same man, saying the same things, being honest yet inspiring, whether in front of a camera or eating a meal late at night in Springfield.  
That is authenticity and I hope he can maintain it under pressure.  
So far, so good.
A longer list of legislative hopes would include more and better regulation for the financial services industry, Say-On-Pay for everyone, not just those who took bailout money, and universal access to health care and higher education for our citizens.  Because being healthy and being educated are both essential conditions  for being happy in today’s world. I’m willing to pay taxes to support common goods but I require higher value and accountability than we have had for a long time. I also hope that people, both our military and their citizens, can stop dying on our watch in Iraq and Afghanistan very soon.
I also hope he leaves Patrick Fitzgerald in place as US Attorney here in Chicago.  He has much unfinished work.  Unless Fitzgerald wants to move on… Being a real maverick must be exhausting. And he is a newlywed!
Finally, I hope all of those Chicago and Illinois folks who are going to be in positions of responsibility and power in the next administration will be open to listening to new perspectives on the problems with some market players such as the audit firms and, hopefully, the solutions for the better corporate governance and business stewardship. This was and continues to be my goal for this blog.
It may be time to call in some chits.
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