Sunday Links For Your Coffee, Eggs, and Biscuits

We’ve finally returned to Standard Time here in Chicago, after a false start, at least for me, last weekend.  It’s going to be F 70 degrees today and the weathermen promise the same sunshine for Tuesday, Election Day.  

I plan to vote early, 6 am, when polls open.  I want to see the lines, be part of history, hear the excitement, and feel the vibe.  Early voting seems to me like sex before the wedding night.  Eeeeeewwwww.

As many of you know, Chicago is home to Barack Obama and his family, and the city expects a huge celebration in Grant Park. Tickets were gobbled up immediately and I’m not much for crowds, outdoors, especially late at night. So I’ve chosen to watch the results, in a bar, albeit amongst what I hope will be an intelligent, thoughtful, globally-minded group of professionals.
Last week started off with a bang, with two great links:
Dennis Howlett got a group of women together to talk about Leadership and this is the result.
A note jotted early morning to Loren Steffy at the Houston Chronicle resulted in his link to my story on the assignment of PwC and EY to the TARP work and his inclusion of my post on Internal Audit in his BizLinks section.  I’m thrilled.
On October 30th, I had one of the most exciting opportunities to come my way lately come to fruition.  I was asked to write an Opinion/Editorial piece for Accountancy Age on the impact of the US election on global accounting standards, in particular mark-to-market.  The entire Campaign Trail issue of full of good content.  Take a look.
Richard Murphy, same day, ripped Accountancy Age a new one for agreeing with the UK based Financial Reporting Council’s chief executive.  Paul Boyle had congratulated the auditing firms, because, ‘so far, at least, [they have] had a good crisis.’ 
Richard asked Gavin Hinks, the Editor, if he had ever read anything I had ever written, for example.  Indeed. 

Lots of great comments on the post I made last week on Internal Audit.  Take a look.
Here’s one that came in the mail:
“I am an internal auditor and I have as many examples of what thwarts the internal audit process as audits I have completed. It’s obvious to anyone in the field. I wonder if the IIA reads it’s own blogs. There are a few good threads of people dealing with how to make their point without losing their job. “

Some other great articles I linked to on Twitter.  If you’re not following my Twitter stream, you’re missing out. 
Bruce Carton at Securities has jumped on Twitter (@SecuritiesD) and is following my lead… He’s put together a list of Twitter feeds of potential interest to securities lawyers.

The link to the Tweet below is here.

And then I Tweeted about the latest on a clearinghouse proposal for credit default swaps. I’ve blogged about the CME and their preeminence in clearinghouse operations here, when I blogged about the MF Global “rogue trader” scandal.

As compared to the months it took for the large positions in off-exchange traded securities at the core of the Société Générale scandal to be addressed, the MF Global trader’s over-limit problem was identified at the CME clearinghouse level within twelve hours.

Finally, a lost dog success story.  @Flycat tweeted a story about finding a lab puppy.  Fortunately, the puppy had a microchip and the owner was found within twenty-four hours.  
Rosie Rott has a microchip. I wouldn’t let her out of my sight otherwise.