Meet Me in San Francisco – Technology Conference

I haven’t been in San Francisco for a while.  Have mixed emotions as it was a place I used to go when I was married.  But… I love to travel, love nice hotels, love great Italian restaurants, great bookstores, love room service, and love getting dressed up.  

So, I’m looking forward to making an appearance at the Technology Summit.

Thanks to my friend Vinnie Mirchandani who is speaking at the conference on Monday, (ERP and other Implementation Nightmares: How to Recognize Them; How to Fix Them; How to Avoid Them) I have VIP pass and can roam the halls, attend the Sunday workshop and take advantage of all the free cocktails and shrimp that they have to offer.
I will definitely be strongly present at a Social Networking panel discussion on Tuesday. 
Plaxo, Flock, a search firm?  Hmmmm…Wait until they get my questions.  
Look for me there. I’d love to meet you.   I’m the one in the stilettos.

2:10 – 3:00 PM Tuesday
Panel Discussion: Social Networking—Secrets for the Uninitiated
Lori Calabro, Editorial Director, CFO Publishing Corp.

John Wilson, President & CEO, J.C. Wilson Associates LLC
Ben Golub, President & CEO, Plaxo Inc.
Geoffrey Rayner, CFO, Flock
No trend has changed the jobsearch process as much as social networking. Job seekers of all stripes can now tap into sites as diverse as Facebook and Plaxo for leads to new positions. At the same time, these new technologies are making it easier for companies to vet potential hires in ways never thought possible—and at lower costs. The Web 2.0 revolution also promises to change how people relate once they land new jobs. This fast-moving panel will focus on the latest social-networking techniques and offer insights into how they will change the workplaces of tomorrow.

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  1. Roger Philipp, CPA
    Roger Philipp, CPA says:

    Enjoy your time in San Francisco! Sounds like a very exciting conference – would love to come check it out but I’ll be teaching all weekend!

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