re: The Auditors Goes To "The Show"

When a minor league baseball player gets called up to the major leagues,  they say he’s “going to the show.” And that’s how I feel today.  

I was invited by FT Alphaville columnist Stacy-Marie Ishmael to participate in the Financial Times Live Blog of the SEC’s news conference today on their new IDEA application.  IDEA is set to replace EDGAR for financial filing within three to five years.  I will post a more thorough report on IDEA later this week, with the help of the always excellent summaries of Edith Orenstein at the FEI Financial Reporting Blog.

The IR Web Report’s Dominic Jones and I connected with Stacy via Twitter!
My quote is below.  The whole story is available with an subscription here.
Francine McKenna, author of the blog re: TheAuditors and a former director at PricewaterhouseCoopers, said companies were unprepared for the change: “Companies will need a lot of consulting help to implement XBRL and to incorporate the new Reg FD [fair disclosure rules] suggestions to do more with their websites and investor relations blogs.”

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  1. Krupo
    Krupo says:

    Except that I think you’ve inverted the major/minor league thing, in terms of where the hard swinging is at.

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