Tooling Around Toronto

I’m in Toronto for the next few days attending the ISACA Leadership Conference.  As Vice President of the ISACA Chicago Chapter, one of the largest, this is a special opportunity.  Last night I had dinner with Neil McIntyre, boy wonder blogger now on hiatus from blogging as he settles into a new job, and Krupo, the Big 4 blogger with the biggest blog photo collection besides me and a real journalist-type guy.  We had a blast. More on that conversation separately.

Today and tomorrow, I will be spending time with other ISACA Chapter Leaders from all over the world.  There are about 250 men and women in the room and it’s pretty impressive.
Like the IIA, the professional associations focused on internal audit and IT audit and security have grown like gangbusters as the emphasis on controls and governance has grown with Sarbanes-Oxley.  
Internal audit and IT audit is still sexy!
Sitting next to a woman who is an IT auditor for the Louisiana Lottery.  She’s from Baton Rouge, LA.  
We’re listening now to Andy Roach, CIO of Ketchum, the Big 5 public relations firm and ISACA’s PR firm.  He will be giving focused training to chapter leaders later on getting the message out  about COBIT and internal controls in our local markets.
Can’t wait!