Selected, Chosen, Included, "In"

My family and oldest friends will understand my choice of badges to celebrate the inclusion of re: The Auditors on Alltop, the “digital magazine rack” of the Internet.   

As supercool, ravishingly beautiful, and amazingly popular as I am now, it wasn’t always this way.  My entire eighth grade year I was a pariah. It was my fault our local girl’s softball team lost the star pitcher to injury the prior summer.  I was playing first base and competed with her to catch a fly ball.  We crashed and she broke her pitching arm, in three places.  Did I tell you she was also one of our star volleyball players?  
That was also the year one of my teachers told my mother I was conceited!  I was surprised she could pronounce the word, much less spell it on my report card. 

But I digress.
As I often do.
Thanks for reading and making re:The Auditors an essential source for news of the Big 4 in the age of globalization, regulation,  and worldwide financial crisis.

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  1. Francine McKenna
    Francine McKenna says:

    Thanks Cuz. Unfortunately, she was blonde and her teeth were already straight. I was mousy brown and in braces. So that’s not how that situation rolled in the press.

  2. Tom
    Tom says:


    Having worked in the Big 4 firms overseas and now the US, i admire your courage in bringing out issues that many people are aware of but lack the guts to highlight. I am constantly worried that the accounting profession is one huge gigantic sham. I have seen it too often at my Big 4 employers. Way to go!!

  3. Tracy Coenen
    Tracy Coenen says:

    You rule, chicka. Congrats on being a trusted source of info. (And some really great opinions that irritate a few people!)

  4. Logan
    Logan says:

    Congratulations, I’m happy to see your efforts and constant writings are continuing to gain you recognition, especially when its a positive reward such as this!

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