Sarbanes-Oxley – How Painful Is It?

Just in case, for some reason, Sarbanes-Oxley becomes but a memory, a faint sound, smell, scent of something you can’t describe fully but you feel deeply, profoundly, excruciatingly…  

Wait, I’m multitasking.  Have to shut down the Glimmer Train site.

Ok. There now.  I’m back.    
As you know, there is a court case which may make Sarbanes-Oxley obsolete.  There’s light, perhaps, at the end of the tunnel and it’s not an oncoming locomotive. 
Some people still want to know how you feel about the law, if only to earn an advanced degree from your pain.
I received this lovely letter late last week:
Dear Francine,

I ‘tripped’ over this blog and very pleased that I did.  I read just about anything on Sarbanes-Oxley and the C-Level Leaders these days. Working on my Qualitative Phenomenological Research Study: dissertation: Sarbanes-Oxley ~ C-Level Implementation Pain – – . 

Much to my surprise very few C-Level folks wish to write about their lived experiences with this SOx phenomena!

I’m just a hard-working, professional woman working on doctoral degree and really need some C-Level leaders to participate in my study. Now we all know how all of them just love SOx – so here is their opportunity to participate and ‘bleed’ freely from all the ‘pain’ [maybe a joy or two?] they went through to implement this  “love child.”

If you would like to participate, please contact:
Helen Corino