Deloitte Taps Into The Unusual, Again

I’ve written, in sometimes excruciating detail, about Deloitte’s unusual work in extraordinary places.

But take a look at the link in this post from niche blog, MetalMiner.  Seems that there’s a husband-wife conglomerate in the making around blogs about spend management. It also seems Deloitte is willing to spend big money to tease and titillate their potential clients, if that’s what it takes to take home the order.
But what caught my eye when the original Google alert showed up is highlighted in blue below.  
“Shudder” indeed.  Those shudders are still being felt in the Windy City.

…my special duty in particular to bring your attention to this item that a MetalMiner reader forwarded to us, because this involves my former employer, Deloitte (I worked there after Andersen was shuddered). So it was with great delight that I read about some entertainment troup that was hired by Deloitte as the evening get-up for last week’s Steel Success Strategies conference in The Big Apple….

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  1. Krupo
    Krupo says:

    Slight tangent – thank you for enabling “full view” of your postings in RSS (before only the title was visible), much better now! 🙂

    I think one of my friends saw grindergirl perform actually – kinda odd to hear of a Big 4 firm doing it though!

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